Welcome to Our House

Come on in, join our community of hope

About Our House

Our House is the digital community and learning center for the Houses of Hope project. Our House connects congregations seeking healing and wholeness by engaging in Christian practices of gratitude and forgiveness in order to build and sustain hope in our communities.

Why Houses of Hope

We believe the church holds a particular kind of hope for the world, and that hope is waning in some places. To rekindle the embers of hope, we offer a year-long practice of gratitude and forgiveness for ourselves, each other, our congregations and our communities. We have experienced coaches who are excited to welcome you into Our House, and make this journey with you. 

For Small Towns and Rural Areas

Small towns and rural areas face different challenges than cities and suburbs. They also have different stories and treasures. In Houses of Hope, congregations will join a group of other small town and rural churches to learn together. We're starting in Texas and Oklahoma.

Why join Our House? 

When you join this site, you will learn about the Houses of Hope process, including how to determine whether it is a fit for your congregation. You will also be connected to other congregations and ways to rediscover the hope that is in you.  It's free and no obligation. Come on in and make this your house too.